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Battlefield 3 Aimbot PC Hack

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Electronic Arts’ BATTLEFIELD 3 is one of the most popular fist person shooter games. Ever since its release in October 2011, it has maintained the top spot in worldwide gaming charts. The campaign puts the player in control of a US Marine, whose mission is to foil a nuclear holocaust. The multiplayer component of the game is what makes it roll – thanks to the multiplayer success of all previous Battlefield titles. DICE and EA run many dedicated servers all over the world, which bring together BF3 enthusiasts. In order to play online, the player must first create an account on Battlelog –a social portal for BF3.

Many of the multiplayer gamers use cheats and hacks for Battlefield 3. As expected, these hacks are very complex and sophisticated, and provide a variety of options for customisation. One such hack is the Aimbot hack. In layman’s terms, this hack is going to do the aiming for you – you just have to move, and control the trigger. But wait! The aimbot hack for PC does much more than that!

Battlefield 3 Aimbot for PC

The aimbot automatically locks your weapon crosshair onto an enemy that comes onto the screen. You can also select the “bone” – the part of your opponent’s body the battlefield 3 aimbot will lock on to. This means that if you prefer a quick kill, go for the head. And if you want to play with your food before eating it, go for the feet and torso. The aimbot also has an “Instant Kill” feature that can be turned on and off. When turned on, you can kill an opponent with a single shot! Many of the aimbot’s settings can be changed manually. For example, it can be configured to lock – on to closer enemies first. Or, it can be used to select target based on priorities. For example, if an assault unit is more deadly, the AIMBOT can target it first when multiple opponents are present. The aimbot hack also accounts for the effects of gravity and wind while shooting (which requires some really cool physics)

The AIMBOT, therefore, is much more than just a targeting hack. In the hands of an experienced player, it can be used to wipe off an entire army of opponents in seconds!

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